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Its pretty simple, Yet its not. I mean its just Alzheimer’s.Its just another disease. They lose their memory. No big deal.

YES BIG DEAL. Its not just memory loss. Its SO much more.Its when you lose your loved one but they are still alive. Its when they don’t knowwho you are. When they don’t know the basics like how to get ready for bed.When they become a child in an adults body. When a adult child does things fortheir parent they never thought they would have to. When things happen that younever dreamed, no more like nightmares brought. Usually accompanied by otherillnesses. When there is no cure, no help, and no surgery. When there is nolight at the end of the tunnel. When the only thing to do is continue to fight.To fight for those not showing signs yet. To fight for the 5 million pluscurrently affected. To fight for that number that is expected to triple in thenext 10 years. Scared? You should be. This disease is not bias. Its for anyone.Young and old.

Luke 23: 42-43 Jesus, Remember Me 

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