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2016 Group Picture :)
2016 Group Picture :)

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We Are... The Fresh Things :)

This will be our 11th year, and 12th walk, walking to end Alzheimer's.

We have been walking for The Cure for Alzheimer's together since October, 2008.  We began walking for the cure after my Grandmother passed away from Alzheimer's disease on August 22, 2008; She had this disease for two and a half years before it took her from us.  She had such a severe case that her memory was gone in that short of time.

My Family and I have been walking since then, and my team is growing greater in size with each passing year; it really makes me happy to have more and more of our friends join us and support this movement. :)

What we went through as caretakers for my Grandma, and what she went through herself is something I would never wish on anyone because it was so painful to go through. We walk in memory of Cesira Barone, and to help save the lives of people in the future.

This year, 2017, We walk not only in memory of Cesira Barone, But also in memory of the Grandfather of my best friend, who passed away March 2013.  This Team is Dedicated To Horst Kanngiesser, and Cesira Barone.  The Kanngiesser family has walked in support of a cure for Alzheimer's, and in Memory of my Grandma for the last few years. Now We are one  team together walking to achieve the same goal.  Our Families and friends together WILL make a difference.

Thank you for your support, and thank you to everyone who has joined my team :)

I'd also like to add that we walk for Flora Lo Pinto.

I'd like to thank as well the people who have joined me every year, and who are continuing to join me for what will be our 9th year walking together :) Carrie Galvin, Rich Galvin, Richie Galvin, Luke Miller, & Santina Barone.

And to others who have walked with us as well: Arin Miller, Lorie & Sierra Adams, Dina & Ryan Wood, Ryan & Britney Andrieu, Amber & Phil Cochran, Paris Ballard, Cindy Ward, Justin Mitchell, Xochitl Bartolome, Matthew Kent, & The Kanngiesser Clan: Laurissa, Renate, Rob & Laurie. 

Unite in a movement to reclaim the future for millions. Join our team for the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds to fight Alzheimer's disease. Together, we can advance research to treat and prevent Alzheimer's, and provide programs to improve the lives of millions of affected Americans.

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Our Walk
2019 Walk to End Alzheimer's - Sacramento, CA
Saturday, September 28, 2019

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