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The end of Alzheimer's disease starts here.

You all know my family's story--Mom was diagnosed with cognitive impairment in 1998 which progressed to Alzheimer's disease by 2006. For the past 4+ years Mom has been in the loving care of Teresita and Joanne in a private residence just 4 miles from me. 

We can't change Mom's circumstances, however we can work together as friends, family, community and a nation to fight this battle and we can win the war on Alzheimer's so that none of your grandchildren ever know the experience that befell our loved ones and us.  It's a truly an insidious disease that impacts the entire family.

You know my passion for helping other families like mine. I donate my time weekly to facilitate a support group for family caregivers, do hours of pro-bono coaching and private support sessions every month, donate lots of my book "Pathways" to libraries, senior centers and churches; and as an Ambassador for the Alzheimer's Association, I serve as the liaison to the State Assembly and our Congressman to lobby for necessary funding and programs across all spectrums related to Alzheimer's.  I will be Advocating in Sacramento March 6 and in Washington D.C., April 22-24.

My Walk is March 2nd.

Since joining the Walk in 2011, the Dementia Help Center's "Thriving Family Caregivers" Team has taken 1st Place in fundraising for the Family & Friend's category; this year's goal is $10,000 and we want to keep the trophy! May I count on you to help me?  Support me and this cause at the level you can--each pledge is a step closer for all of us in this fight. Every $ helps our cause! 

And please, add me to your support list for the causes that are near to your heart because, if it's important to you, it matters to me, too.

Thank you in advance for joining our movement! The end of Alzheimer's disease starts here.

With heartfelt appreciation,

I prefer to mail my donation.