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2024 Ride to End ALZ - Colorado Sunday, June 9, 2024


2024 Ride to End ALZ - Colorado

Frame de Art

This is our 2nd year with a Frame de Art Team!  We look forward to a great group raising money towards the fight to end Alzheimer's.  Most of us will be staying in Ft. Collins on Saturday June 9th, and we can all meet up there!  We will be having rides to get in shape for our rise.  This ride is for all skill levels.  

We are riding in memory of Mr. Bowlen and we are honoring Mrs. Bowlen that is in the fight against Alzheimers.  

We will be posting rides through Wash Park Cyclng Croup that is on meetup,  

If you have any questions or ideas on making on raising money for this team, you can call Brian anytime @ #720-276-9074.  

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