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2021 Ride - Spring Virtual Event Sunday, April 18th, 2021


2021 Ride - Spring Virtual Event

Ride for Ray

I lost my grandpa Ray Rowe to Alzheimer's in 2009. For the last ~6 years I've become immersed with the Alzheimer's Association's fundraising events like Walk to End Alzheimer's and RivALZ flag football - with Ride to End Alz being the newest under my belt.

But in all that time, one fact has not changed: There is still no cure. Right now, there is no shortage of ideas in Alzheimer's research -- only dollars.

We all know this last year has been different in more ways than one. (Thanks, COVID.) Alzheimer's patients already struggle with confusion and isolation; imagine them not understanding why they're wearing face masks or why a family member can't visit their memory care facility. I'm so grateful for the large family dinner we got to have with my grandpa in his last months and can't fathom what grief social distancing has caused families. It breaks my heart.

That's why I'm ramping up for our second year of Riding for Ray Rowe. As a biking enthusiast, Ride to End Alz is a fun way to challenge my cycling goals while supporting a good cause. This year I'll be recovering from foot surgery and celebrating my 30th birthday the same week as Ride, so my goal is to do 30 miles for my 30th!

100% of funds for this event go to research. If you feel compelled to join my team, donate, cheer me on, hold me accountable for training, or just share my story - all is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for continuing to support me and my habitual participatory tendencies. ;)

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100% Goes to

100% of the funds raised go toward the Association's efforts to discover methods of treatment and prevention for Alzheimer's and other dementias.