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Welcome to our team page for The Dink 80 for ALZ Challenge. Alzheimer's could double in  the next 20 years due to demographics. But there is hope due to the Association support for caregivers, advocacy to improve government funding and policies, and granting $100 million a year to research for prevention, treatment and a cure.

The pickleball community can help by taking up the "80 Dink Challenge". Tell your friends that you are going to attempt 80 dinks (and volleys)  in a row and ask them to pledge $10, $20, $40 or even more.  Join my team and you will get an app that allows you to promote your challenge, and collect and deposit funds you raise for the cause. 
Make it fun and video your attempt.  You can have multiple tries to get to 80 and when you get to 80, keep going! 

Any team member who donates or raises $100 or more will get a chance at our door prize: a new Selkirk Power Air Paddle, four new Selkirk S1 balls, and a lesson with Jim Kochanski or Gabe Etzel in Austin!


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The dollars you raise fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association.

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Bettye & Chris Benten
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David Campbell
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Dez Keelty
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Donna Holt
Elsie Rosenthal - I honor of Ken Rosenthal
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Jill Seime
Jim and Emily
John Mangan
Karen Christie
Katherine Voges
Kay Cuclis
Kelly Harrell
Kent Scarbrough
L. Wilpon
Laurence Liles
LuEllen Schoen
Lynda RIfe
Lynn Guarino Jones
M Gomez
Manpreet Singh
Michelle Morgan
Mr. Michael Mangan
Ms. Lisa Forte
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Noah Norton
Phillip Klugman - Austin Pickleball Update
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Tony Read

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