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Together, we can make a difference in the lives of those who suffer from the disease and those that care for them. VoiceAPalooza is not just the most fun panel we do at conventions; it is becoming a community EVENT.  A weeklong digital event to benefit the Alzheimer’s Association for the Longest Day campaign, to raise money for finding the cure, research and resources.

From May 1st through 30th, the Fallout For Hope charity team will become Wes Johnson’s VoiceAPalooza… Fun for Funds. We’re gonna WABBAJACK this despair and turn it into HOPE.

There will be amazing Main stage events all week that we’ll be announcing soon. And then, there is everything YOU CAN DO.

I’d like to invite Elder Scrolls, Fallout streamers and any gamer to spend a week streaming for a cause with me and my friends, because chances are someone you know or love has fought or is fighting this disease. I’ve lost those I love before their gone. This disease takes everything someone is, was, and ever will be. We are going to stop it’s march, and we’re gonna do it together.

Thank you to Kenneth Vigue of Fallout For Hope and Carrie & Cindy at the Alzheimer's Association National Capital region. You guys ROCK.

Also, thanks to Bethesda Game Studios for our big event back in November as we celebrated SKYRIM with original voice actors. We're gonna do now what we did then; have fun and raise funds to fight Alzheimer's.

Are you with me? LET'S DO THIS!


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