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Dance Fitness instructors from all across Utah are uniting to #endalz! Each instructor will host their own class and raise money to eradicate Alzheimer's and all forms of dementia and help ALZ support patients and their families.

I am dancing for my nana, two aunts, my husband's grandmother and so many others affected by this dark disease. Let's bring some light through music and dance!

We have instructors committed from Zumba Fitness (me!), Werq Fitness, High Fitness and hope to see some other disciplines join us! Riot Fitness, Barre Classes, Pound Fitness, etc.

June 20th is the day! Summer Solstice! The day with the most light is the day we fight!

If you're an instructor and want to participate, join the team! 

More details coming soon. 

All proceeds will be donated to support this cause.

Reach out with questions!


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The dollars you raise fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association.

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