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Jump into the fight against Alzheimer's Disease...Team Joy and The Selland Family.
Jump into the fight against Alzheimer's Disease...Team Joy and The Selland Family.

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Just a reminder..."Walk with me down memory lane" on June 21st, 2022 at sunrise (~5:45ish). Right now the forecast is for 78 and windy. Maybe we'll see some sun, I'm ok with that temp though. In person, in spirit, walk, run, bike, hike...I'll be walking, starting at 3315 7th St. SW, making my way to 16th St via 37th Ave. I'll be taking 16th St. past the YMCA (the YMCA was a place to de-stress during our journey with Alzheimer's), continuing on 16th St. past Magic City Campus (my old high school), taking 16th St to Forest Road to walk by my mom and dad's old house (this house they put so much work into only for it all to be destroyed in the flood, 2011). Kim Tweten-Burckhard I hope to see you or come walk with me! Kim and her family were my folks neighbors, always willing to lend a hand. You can't go down 16th St. without going to Harley's Cenex. I'll have to pop in quick, say hi to my friend Mary. Down 2nd Avenue to 1st Avenue (doesn't make sense, but yes...they intersect), past the home that I grew up in. Quick photo and continuing on, back to 16th St. heading north to 4th Avenue, quick loop through Oak Park. My mom played a big part in starting the Arts In The Park, music on Thursday and Sunday evenings during the summer. From Oak Park, I'll head east on 4th Avenue to broadway and take the Broadway Bridge to ?, not sure what street I'll turn on to head over to Main ST, walking past some of my favorite shops and of course Charlie's. Charlie's was a nice place to retreat when my dad was in the hospital and rehab, walkable distance for lunch and more de-stressing. The milkshakes there are the best. From main street, I'll go past the old NSP building where my folks met. I wonder if my dad's covered parking spot is still used as a parking spot. I'll head over to 3rd Avenue past the Ward County Courthouse, my mom worked as a Ward County Clerk for Judge Gary Holum. 3rd Street, if I have this right, will take me all the way up to Rosehill Cemetery, I'll walk through, take a little rest on the bench by my dad's grave and then head through the cemetery, past Mark's folks graves and back to the street for my last leg over to the Scandinavian Heritage Center.

Mark is the "uber" driver. If you would like to join me for some of the route, jump in anytime and Mark can give you a lift back to your car when you're ready to stop. Private message me and I can give you my number, text and I'll let you know where I'm at if you want to join me along the route. If you drive by and see me, wave, stop say hi, I would love to take a photo if you have your purple on! I have been a little under the weather, but I'm excited and hoping I can still achieve my goal.

I think we need another song...

"Time Passages", Al Stewart. Anyone else love this song?

"I feel the beat of my mind go drifting into time passages..."

The only requirement...please wear purple. I will have extra t-shirts available, dark purple with The Longest Day printed on them. Let me know if you would like me to save one for you. You can also participate by doing an activity of your choice or creating your own "walk down memory lane." As I walk, maybe with some intervals of jogging, wearing purple, enjoying the morning, I'll be remembering my growing up years, all in honor of my mom and dad and everyone affected by Alzheimer’s Disease.

No one is immune to this disease. I plan on continuing my fundraising efforts, hoping to prevent this from affecting future generations. I've attached the link to my team page below. "Jump in and join Team Joy in the fight against Alzheimer's Disease." I hope to see you on June 21st.

Thank you for supporting Team Joy in the continued fight against Alzheimer's Disease.

Paula, Team Joy and The Selland Family


Jump into the fight against Alzheimer's Disease...Team Joy and The Selland Family.
Jump into the fight against Alzheimer's Disease...Team Joy and The Selland Family.

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