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Thank you, Emily Joy Hendrickson, for creating this very special Team Joy logo!
Thank you, Emily Joy Hendrickson, for creating this very special Team Joy logo!

Our Team Story

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."  ~Audrey Hepburn

Purple and 5k READY, SET, GO...

I’m feeling a little sappy…

As the tulips burst up out of the ground and bloom in the spring, my writing, ideas, goals, energy, beliefs, joy and hope for Team Joy is “bursting” right now.  The feedback, comments, donations, calls, texts, every bit of support keeps me going.  THANK YOU for helping "plant a garden",  believing and hoping, continuing the fight against Alzheimer's Disease.

We are kicking off Team Joy’s 8th year of purple with a purple field of tulips cover photo on FB,   Send me your purple flower photos, #endalz photos, purple shoes…let’s get this purple party started!  Each year I add new photos to Team Joy’s “Purple Wall of Fame”.  My daughter and I are sporting our new gray, long sleeve #ENDALZ t-shirts.  "Everyone looks great in purple.”  If you have made a donation and do not have a “the longest day” purple t-shirt, let me know (size too).  I would love to see as many people in these t-shirts as possible!

5k Ready…

Week Two:

Last week I shared a “5k Training Program” with the goal to finish (meaning no time goal).  Depending on your fitness level, you can add on distance each week and set your own personal time goal.  This week, we are increasing our time by 3 minutes for the walk/jog/run interval.

Monday:  off

Tuesday:  13 minute walk/jog/or run

Wednesday:  XT with body weight strength training exercises (push ups, squats, planks, side planks, tricep dips…no gym or equipment needed.

Thursday:  13 minute walk/jog/or run

Friday:  XT with some Yoga stretching.

Saturday:  off, rest day

Sunday:  1.5 miles walk/jog/or run  

 I hope the sun is shining wherever you are.  Keep moving towards walking/jogging or running a 5k with Team Joy on June 21st, The Longest Day.  Click on the link below and be a part of fighting Alzheimer's Disease.

With a grateful heart, 

Paula Selland

Team Joy

The Selland Family

Thank you, Emily Joy Hendrickson, for creating this very special Team Joy logo!
Thank you, Emily Joy Hendrickson, for creating this very special Team Joy logo!

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