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Tammy and I with our Dad - 6/21/14
Tammy and I with our Dad - 6/21/14

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Thank you for joining me in the fight against Alzheimer's disease.  This is the 10th year that I will be participating in The Longest Day.  On The Longest Day in 2014, my sister, Tammy, and I walked to honor our dad who was in the final stages of Alzheimer's; since then we've walked in his memory.  We have not yet finalized our plans as to where our walk will take us on The Longest Day, but we are, once again, committed to participate from sunrise to sunset.  I am committed to walk a mile in honor/memory for every name I am given.  My goal is to have to add extra days to walk to cover everyone.  As with last year, I will be posting each mile walked on Facebook. Thank you for your continued support, prayers, and encouragement. They do make a difference. Together we will create a world without Alzheimer’s.  What a happier world that will be!!

Tammy and I with our Dad - 6/21/14
Tammy and I with our Dad - 6/21/14

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