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Big Charlie!
Big Charlie!

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If you love playing fantasy football and love supporting a great cause, you've come to the right place. I'm organizing fantasy football leagues to raise money for Alzheimer's in conjunction with The Longest Day event.

Everyone who donates $50 will receive a team. The first ten donors will be a league. I will keep setting up 10-team leagues as long as people keep giving.

All of the money goes to Alzheimer's Association. That is the reason to play. That and bragging rights! Oh, and a cool trophy for each league.

Please provide a good email when you donate. I will use that email to notify you when the league is ready for you to register. I will use Fantrax to set up the leagues. (I've been playing fantasy sports for many years. I've used just about every site there is to run a fantasy league, and I've found Fantrax to be the best. Check their site out 

I'm doing this to honor my Dad. He wasn't into fantasy football, but he always supported all of my endeavors, athletic and otherwise. He was an Irishman via Canada who loved to laugh and make others laugh. He once said when he worked that if he could make one person laugh each day, it was a good day. Alzheimer's robbed him of that, but he never lost his smile. His good-time, fun-loving nickname was Big Charlie. So, this is for you Big Charlie!

Your kindness and generosity truly make a difference in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Thank you for your support. God bless.

Big Charlie!
Big Charlie!

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