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As we finally start our exit from pandemic life, we can reflect on some of the positives of a year that was basically horrible.  Families can now begin to reconnect, neighbors who have looked out for each other can now be together,and we were reminded of the value of people whose services are crucial in our lives.  We use to take for granted how much we can accomplish when we work together as a community. We can truly accomplish incredible things - like creating a vaccination in record time to ward off a disease that killed millions of people. And now we're reminded that we have the honor to be a part of an organization and a club that supports finding a cure for another deadly disease, Alzheimer’s.

Almost all of us have been affected by Alzheimer's in some way.  To watch the pain of someone who is slowly losing their mind is horrific.  We also know that given the proper resources, scientists, doctors and researchers can find a cure!  Your generosity could help us achieve an end to a disease devastating to not just an individual, but to all those who love and care for them.

Please click the link below and follow our club through it's progress as we strive to beat our impressive donation last year of $1700 by raising $2,000 this year!  I personally know what a kind and generous membership we have at the Lexington Bridge Club and know we can meet this goal.  

Our games this year are on Saturday June 19th at 11:00 AM - 499er Game; 11:05 AM - Open Game; and Sunday June 20th at 1:00 PM Open Game and 6:00 PM 499er Game.  All the games will be on line and will cost $7.00 with proceeds going to the Alzheimer's Association.  But keep watching, there will be more information to come!!



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