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I am participating in The Longest Day, an event to honor the strength, passion and endurance of those facing Alzheimer's disease through my love of knitting. Throughout the year I'm selling various items that I have knitted to raise money for this cause that is so important to me. They are in a public album on my Facebook page here. If you are interested in commissioning something knitted in exchange for a donation, contact me at eileen.hendriksen@gmail.com

Personally, Alzheimer's disease & other dementia have had a huge impact on my family. My Oma (my dad's mom, who was an avid knitter & crocheter until the disease progressed and she could no longer keep track of her stitches) had Alzheimer's disease and passed away in 2020. My Grandpa (my mom's dad) suffered from Parkinson's with dementia and passed away in 2008. Additionally, my Great-Grandma (my mom's mom's mom) also suffered from Alzheimer's disease before she passed away when I was little and my husband's abuela also passed away from Alzheimer's disease in 2020.

Today, over 35 million people across the world are living with Alzheimer's, including more than 5 million Americans. In the United States alone, more than 15 million caregivers generously dedicate themselves to those with Alzheimer's and dementia. And these numbers will only continue to rise unless we take action.

The bonus about knitting or crocheting for this cause is that there is some research that suggests that knitting or crocheting are good for your brain and may help prevent age-related memory loss and/or dementia. Read more about it here.

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