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My grandmother, Sue Ann Simon, is active, smart, and an independent woman. She's a friend, a mother, and a grandmother. Her favorite things to do are play bridge, spend time with her family, and go shopping. With being diagnosed with Alzheimer's, those things have slowly decreased. She was diagnosed on March 15, 2017, With Alzheimer's disease. She loves to dress up for any occasion and I want to honor her and raise awareness in just that way. Due to this diagnosis, my grandma had to give up her job as a successful real estate agent and costume jewelry designer. My grandma is so special to me and I'm so grateful I get to carry the legacy of her designs. My hope is to sell these beautiful pieces to people all around the world while spreading awareness. So stand up to the darkness of Alzheimer's disease! And join me for the longest day to fight, fund, and support Alzheimer's care so we can finally find a cure to this awful disease! 

The jewelry pieces, along with prices will be on the google form below. If you would like to purchase any pieces, fill out the form with what you would like to purchase, and all the other info it asks and your pieces will be on their way! Thank you! 


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