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As many of you know, we placed mom is hospice care a few months ago due to congestive heart failure, kidney failure and dementia.  She is receiving the sweetest and tenderest of care, but I have to tell you - I now understand in a terribly personal and profound way, just what The Longest Day signifies.  As we sit with mom - each day lasts a week.  Each conversation is punctuated with the realization that it may be our last.  The clock seems to stall for hours at a time, and each minute is endless.  We are tired beyond tired - clinging together as we wait for the phone to ring.  We spend as much time as possible with her - telling and retelling stories, listening to her repeat questions over and over.  Her dementia makes the journey even more difficult, as she longs for my dad to walk through the door, can't remember why she isn't in her home, and mixes up my sister and me (though we do sound exactly alike).  She forgets why she needs oxygen, why she needs a wheelchair, and why she's tired all the time.  

I've worked for the Alzheimer's Association for almost 6 years, and have counseled countless caregivers about ways to cope - but it IS different when it happens to you.   I find myself dialing our 800 number to ask for help, and spend a lot of time on as I look for ways to ease mom's mind.  I'm using all that I know, and all I've learned from you guys - but the pain is real, and it sucks.

One of the hardest things is the fear that perhaps this is my fate too.  Will I lose my mind to this awful disease?  It makes me even stronger in my conviction to fight this thing - to find the answers - a cure, a treatment...we have to.  We simply have to.

So I have a favor.  If you haven't already done an activity for The Longest Day, will you join my team?  Every dollar we raise is used incredibly thoughtfully - funding our call center, our education programs and support groups - and maybe most importantly, funding research to find the answer to this thing. 


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