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Be a part of the longest hockey game ever in Alabama (and maybe the South)! 

Huntsville, Alabama has a great hockey community with deep roots, so we're excited to bring this unique concept to the Rocket City. Taking place on the longest day of the year, The Longest Game will feature 8 to 12 hours of hockey to benefit the Alzheimer's Association.

Each goal that is scored will raise money for a good cause. Adding to the fun are special "Power Play" twists - allowing donors to select from a menu of advantages or disadvantages to apply to a team or individual players. 


When: Sunday, June 20 2021

Where: Huntsville Ice Sports Center

Time: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm

  • Players will be assigned to either "The Short Shifts" (dark) or "The Minute Munchers" (white). 
  • There are approximately 40 skaters and 5 goalies on each team.
  • Players will rotate throughout the day

Power Plays

We thought it would be fun to add some wrinkles to the game. Anyone can choose from the following "Power Plays" to influence the game!

Along with your donation, you can include a note to make any of players in the game do the following: 

  • MONEY PUCK $25 - makes the next goal worth 5 goals
  • MAJOR $25 - Sends a player you choose to the penalty box for 5 minutes - and gives the other team a 5 minute power play.
  • AMBIDEXTROUS $25 - requires the player you choose to use the opposite-hand stick for 5 shifts
  • LITTLE STICK $50 - requires player you choose to play with a kids stick for 5 shifts
  • THE FORREST $50 - requires a goalie to play outside the crease for 2 minutes
  • DUELING GOALIES $75 - skaters take a knee. Goalies play 1-on-1 until one of them scores
  • PENALTY SHOT $75 - donor chooses a skater to take a penalty shot. If player scores, their team gets the goal. If the goalie stops it, the goalie's team is awarded the goal.
  • BACKWARD $100 - everyone on the ice has to skate backward for 2 minutes

To choose a Power Play, make a donation to the team page using the link above. In the personal note, make sure you specify which powerplay you are selecting and the player/team it should be applied to.

Players and spectators will also be able to make Power Play donations during the game.


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The Power of a Donation

The dollars you raise fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association.

Add your name to my donor list today!


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