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My mom Annie was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2016. She is MY INSPIRATION for participating. Annie was a spit-fire, fighter for life, with a green thumb, an energizer bunny she  could run circles around youngsters at 65 YEARS OLD!!  

There are 3 parts I'm setting up for June 20th' the longest day 16 hours of daylight!  Donations on my page (when registering you will receive a t-shirt to wear while we participate on the 20th). Next I've signed up for an adopt a spot. Its a nice location by a park we can clean it up (raking, mulch, plant a few bushes, and of course plant some of moms favorite flowers). Last but not least we will come back to my house spend time together, play mom's favorite card games and have a  big cookout!!!!! Pot Luck would be great we will provide burgers hotdogs and a cake:)  



My GOAL IS TO HELP FIGHT AWARNESS!  HAVE FUN!  SHARE LOTS OF GOOD THOUGHTS OF MY MOM (ANNIE) ! HOPING YOU CAN ALL PARTICIPATE!  When registering for $10.00 you will receive a Longest day t-shirt.  



                                                 Hope to see you all,

                                                        Warm Wishes,  Beth

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