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This year, the Gainesville Bridge Club lost Evelyn Kleinsasser, one of our dearest members.  Evelyn was a superb bridge player, having amassed almost 10,000 masterpoints, a dedicated teacher, and an enthusiastic supporter of our club.  She was also a devoted caregiver to her husband, an Alzheimer’s victim.  Evelyn took a leave of absence from bridge for over a decade to care for him.  Evelyn was a staunch supporter of The Longest Day efforts from the beginning.  We are dedicating our overall efforts this year in her memory.

Please join us in honoring Evelyn’s contribution to bridge and support of Alzheimer’s research!  You may make a direct donation either by credit card (Click on Donate found on this page) or by check made out to The Alzheimer’s Association and mailed to: The Gainesville Bridge Club, 4225 NW 34St., Gainesville, FL 32605.

We also have sub-projects in this total effort in honor of loved ones as well as Evelyn.  
1.    Joan Williams’ Pet Portraits.  Joan’s husband was diagnosed recently.  She is doing this for him and for Evelyn.
2.    A $1,000 American Express Gift Card raffle managed by Mary Ann McIntyre.  Mary Ann was the guardian and caretaker of her aunt, also an Alzheimer’s victim.  Evelyn was Mary Ann’s bridge teacher.

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The dollars you raise fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association.

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Thanks to Our Donors!
Adele Buytenhuys
Carla Cox
Carole Price in lmemory of Evelyn Kleinsasser
Corliss Gibbons
Helga Pereira
Janice Ladd - in memory of my mother.
Joan Williams
John Talk
Karla Shopoff
Lou Powers
Mary Ann McIntyre
Ms Shirley Bloodworth
Pat Anderson
Peggy Heedy
Phyllis Shepard
Ruthi and Jim Walker
Shirley Bloodworth -
Stuart R Huggard
Suzanne and Stuart
Wayne & Kim Beagle
Wendy Wallace

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