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Longest Ride Team Page
Longest Ride Team Page

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Alzheimer's Longest Ride Team Page

The Longest Ride was cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we will have a ride next year, June 19th, 2021. The mission is the same. We are riding to raise funds for programs and research to  benefit persons living with Alzheimer's disease. As in previous years, all riders will receive a medal for their effort. So tell your friends to go to our web page and register for the ride at:

This year because of social distancing restrictions we may have to limit the number of riders, so register early to be shore you will be able to participate. Also this year riders will have an opportunity to participate in the NC Registry for Brain Health. This registry is used by Alzheimer's researches across North Carolina to fined research participants for Alzheimer's Studies. In order to participate in this registry go to: NCBrainHealth.Org

 Rev. H. L. Edmonds

For Rider information:

Thank you for your continued support with the Alzheimer's Association and the Longest Ride. I hope to see you on your bike in 2021! Be well and safe.


Longest Ride Team Page
Longest Ride Team Page
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