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Donna is participating to honor her parents, Don and Charlene Hutson.

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June 21st, the summer solstice, is the longest day of the year.  And it’s the day the Alzheimer’s Association has set for its fundraising event committed to fighting Alzheimer’s disease through care, support, and research efforts.   

As a family, we are participating in the Longest Day to honor my parents, both of whom are living with the progressive losses of this heartbreaking disease.  We are participating to shine light in the darkness by raising awareness and funds to fight this disease! 

The format of the event is: 

Grab your family and friends.  

Do what you love.

Honor those facing Alzheimer's.

June 21, 2019

Here's the Team Weber plan for June 21:

Tim and Donna will dance non-stop for 21 minutes to preselected music representing all the dance styles they know.  (We think this will be harder than it sounds!)

Katherine, a first degree black belt, will continuously do 21 karate katas and kobudo katas.

Austin, who will be in Wyoming, will hike 21 miles. 

We will share time lapse videos that record these endeavors.  

To avoid the complexity of asking you to give on the basis of how many minutes of dance, or katas, or miles we complete (unless you really like algebra) we are simply asking you to GIVE.  Please give in honor of those you know, to support those dear ones you don't, and to find a cure for this disease in our lifetime.

Our fundraising goal is big!  We'd like to raise $6,300 (my parents have been married 63 years) and we will match every dollar up to that amount.

Thank you!

Team Weber

Donna, Tim, Katherine, and Austin

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