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Alzheimer's has impacted the lives of one of my very best friend's family (Linda DiPietro).  Chris DiPietro was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at the age of 55. Chris' father lost his battle with Alzheimer's at that of 78. This disease has forever changed and impacted all of the DiPietro's lives.  However, Chris and Linda continue to live life to the fullest and remain positive and strong. The DiPietro boys, Christopher, Nick and Angelo are three of the kindest souls and young men that I know.  I love them like my own.  I love this family as they are a part of the Pugliese family as well.  We have shared vacations, celebrations, sorrows and joy for over 26 years. Wouldn't it be a gift from God if there was a way to cure this awful disease?  

I am certain most of you, if you are reading this, have watched someone you love suffer from this disease and it is heart wrenching.  You may have been the support system of someone who was the care giver of someone with Alzheimer's, this is just as heart wrenching.  

I believe in this cause and I will support the DiPietro's in anyway possible. To know Chris, Linda, Christopher, Nick or Angelo, is to love them. 

Please join me in supporting the Rush for Cure/Chris DiPietro team in the fight against Alzheimer's.

Hugs, Love and Prayers to my extended family, The DiPietro's, and to all that are dealing with this awful disease in some way, shape or form.  

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