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In July I did something crazy- I ran the Longest Run. I ran the length of the Florida Keys, all 118.1 miles! 

I also did so while pushing my two preschoolers in a stroller the WHOLE WAY!!! 

We did the Longest Run in honor of all those who live the longest day, on a daily basis. Those with Alzheimer’s and the loved ones who care for them- every day is the longest day! 

So… we strapped up, load up with pounds and pounds of snacks, and we set out on the longest run- for those living those long days. 

This year we have set a new goal- many longest runs! The kids and I will be running a total of THREE half marathons together, along with the length of the Las Vegas Strip, and many other mile record breaking runs together. 

Please make a donation to my page and I will add you into our private Facebook group where you can follow all my daily runs, our adventures, our races, and where I will share tips from a lazy mom on how to get into running. 

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