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A few of Team Alz Stars!
A few of Team Alz Stars!

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Teresa Gulden's Personal Experience with Alzheimer's:

My Grandma Sparrowdied of Alzheimer’s in 2006.  Prior to being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,she was active and enjoyed square dancing, clogging, camping, baking lefse,sewing, and gardening.  She spent her last 5 years in a nursing home andmy grandpa visited her daily.  One of my favorite moments visiting her wasour visit about 18 years ago, when my oldest child was an infant.  Formost visits, she was very unresponsive to us.  However, at this visit, shekept on feeling my son’s buttons on his outfit, smiling, and laughing.  Itwas delightful and surprising to see her personality come out that day.

Having a loved one with Alzheimer’s is a challenge for everyone involved....notonly from a physical health perspective, but emotionally, and financially aswell.  I certainly hope I do not follow in her footsteps.  The goodnews is since her passing, I’ve learned there are methods to identify Alzheimer’srisks, address root causes, and potentially slow and/or reverse the effects ofit.  This gives me hope that I will not be destined to the same dismalpath.

A few of Team Alz Stars!
A few of Team Alz Stars!
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