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One of my hardest days while going through breast cancer was the day I realized my Mom couldn't help me through it.  She had Alzheimer's disease and it had progressed to the point that she no longer had the cognitive or emotional ability to help.

I created this ribbon because I needed a symbol of my breast cancer journey -- a badge of honor, a medal for crossing the finish line.  It had to be a quality piece because I had earned it.  It had to be unique because every journey, every story, is unique.  It is smooth and shiny and roughly, deeply textured -- a metaphor for life.

Some days I wear a pink ribbon for breast cancer, and some days I wear a purple ribbon to honor my loving, kind and amazing Mom.  She thinks it is very pretty but she doesn't understand why I made it and what it's all about.  For everything you have given to me, Mom, I honor you.

Why should you wear a ribbon or give one as a gift?


    It's a badge of honor

    It's a sign of courage

    Awareness is imperative

    It's a symbol of strength

    I appreciate my caregivers

    I'm approachable for support

    It's in memory of someone

    Together we are stronger

    It shows I'm a fighter

    It signifies a journey

    Everyday is a gift

    Others need me

    I need others

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