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Advocates at our DC Forum
Advocates at our DC Forum

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Family and Friends,

I am participating in a fundraiser called The Longest Day for the Alzheimer's Association again this year. Our team (an incredibly amazing group of advocates I work with everyday to change policy and #ENDALZ) will complete activities throughout Illinois, raising funds to help advance research and provide care and support for those facing this awful disease. As the team is made up of advocates engaged in our public policy program, we will also be asking member of Congress and the Illinois General Assembly to join us!

As many of you know I have been personally affected by Alzheimer's with both my maternal grandma and my paternal grandpa having suffered from dementia. Working at the Alzheimer's Association, I have met countless families battling the disease. These advocates are some of the strongest people I know and we have become a big extended family - I am now fighting for their family members, as well as the memory of my grandparents. 

Someone is diagnosed in the U.S. every 65 seconds and Alzheimer's is the 6th leading cause of death. But, we're making huge strides. In just 6 years, we have quadrupled federal research funding though our advocacy efforts! 

Please consider making a donation.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you know of anyone else that might be interested in supporting our mission to end Alzheimer's, please pass this along.

Thanks for your consideration!

Until there's a cure.

Jen Belkov

Advocates at our DC Forum
Advocates at our DC Forum

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