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My beautiful Mother Claire’s earthly life came to an end on May 23, 2019.
While there is relief in knowing that she does not have to carry the burden of Alzheimer’s disease anymore, it saddens us to reflect on how much this disease took from her (and our family) over the past 12 years.
Her roles of wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother offered her the greatest joys in her lifetime. She had an endless amount of patience and taught us that words of kindness and understanding were the best choices we could make.
She had a genuine way of loving and embracing everyone for exactly who they were.
Her spiritual compass lead her to living a life surrounded with faith that all would be well if we placed all of our concerns in God’s hands.
In addition to remembering her as the world’s best baker, I will remember her as the world’s greatest mother.
My brother Steve shared the same diagnosis as my dear Mother, and left this earth a year ago. I am sure he met her with open arms upon her arrival. My wife Lynne and
I will continue to carry the torch in this fight to end Alzheimer’s!
Please join us in ending this disease. There are cherished family traditions that we want to remember and preserve....Alzheimer’s in NOT one of them! 

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