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2024 Alzheimer's Association Memory Ball Dancing Stars

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Toby :


Over the past two decades, three of my grandparents were diagnosed and lost their battle with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. My family and I experienced the sad and heart-breaking effects of this horrible disease, and I decided to play an active role in doing something to halt this disease and prevent any more people from experiencing the same pain that my family and I experienced.


I have a passion for dance and through this passion, I hope to raise awareness and funding to fight this horrible disease by dancing in the Alzheimer’s Association 2024 Memory Ball. I need your help to donate towards research, prevention, and care. Finding a cure would be a blessing for the millions already affected by Alzheimer’s.




I am dancing in the Alzheimer’s Association 2024 Memory Ball to bring awareness to this detrimental disease. I would like to dedicate my participation in the event to my late Uncle who passed away from the effects of Alzheimer’s. My Uncle was an amazing person and so loved by myself and his family. My Aunt was his caretaker and I know how truly heartbreaking it was for her to see the love of her life fight this disease. Their love and bond inspire me today and through my Aunt’s strength and heart, my Uncle’s memory is so very much alive.


The struggles of this horrible disease reach far beyond the loved ones diagnosed. It is the family members and friends who face grief and pain of losing their loved ones in so many ways. My hope is that participating in an event such as this will get us one step closer to families not having to face the pain of this disease. I have been dancing for most of my life, and I hope that my experience and love for dance will be powerful in spreading the message to help fight Alzheimer’s. Dance, itself, has shown so many benefits for those with this disease as well as preventing it. It is a strong message in this fight and an event that brings the community together. Donating to the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Ball will go towards care, research, prevention, and awareness so that loved ones do not have to continue to go through the pain of the effects of Alzheimer's.


If helping others is important to you. If you know someone who has suffered from Alzheimer’s. If you know someone who has had to watch the decline of a loved one. If you want to make a difference. Please help us in donating towards a cure. Please purchase a ticket for the Memory Ball or donate by Voting for US here on our webpage. This disease is expected to grow from 5 million to 16 million Americans by 2050…but it doesn’t have to. Join me and join this fight…make a difference and donate now. A vote for me is a donation to fight Alzheimer’s.



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