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2023 Alzheimer's Association Memory Ball Dancing Stars


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Thank you so much for visiting my website and for your interest in helping me raise funds to advance Alzheimer’s research, patient and caregiver support and advocacy. By participating in this event, I am committed to raising more awareness of this devastating disease. I want to help not only our family, currently affected, but also all families who are, or will be, impacted by this destructive disease.


When I was asked to participate as a “Dancing Star” in the 2023 Alzheimer’s Association Memory Ball in Baltimore, I was honored …. and waiting on the punchline. I have been a supporter for years, both in small and large ways, regardless of my location. I truly understand the importance and responsibility we should all have before someone we know and/or love is struck with Alzheimer’s. It was largely the fact of me performing in front of 800+ people. I don’t back down from most challenges due to my upbringing, role models, and being a Bisexual, African-American male who was, for the most part, raised in the South. Previously I served in the military, in the United States Marine Corps. However, for a remarkable cause, then why not?  I will be dancing to honor my 2 Great Aunts Gladys Young and  Ella Jones.


Aunt Gladys was a storyteller, and I would sit in her kitchen, and she would talk about family, life, and the world as she knew it. She would teach me about being respectful of all and not allowing strangers and most importantly family members to disrespect me or allowing them to stop you on your journey/purpose. She would tell me that I will go further than most people will think but that I was a real charmer.  Gladys had her supportive and loving Daughter Lois Siler and various family members assisting her during the year that this dreadful disease took over and most importantly in the final days on March 10, 2020 (95 years old).


Ella helped raise me at a time in our nation’s history when it took a village of loving, caring, and positive people. She was one of those people when I was growing up in Raleigh, NC. I remember her razor wit, directness, soulful meals around the table and, most of all, hugs that would make you feel safe down to your core. Ella would open her house to the family to have dinner where the food was only secondary to the love and laughter around the table. Ella Jones who is being supported by her loving Daughter Brenda Jones, and her two Nieces Gloria Evans and Alfreda Clinkscales, to name a few. She is still battling this disease and having good days and some not so good days. I sincerely hope she will be able to attend the night of the performance


 I know that scientific breakthroughs require a significant and sustained investment in basic and translational research.  Our future is at risk unless we can find a way to change the course of this disease. Therefore, I need your support to do my part! I have set my goal at $50,000.00.


Please consider making a donation to help the Alzheimer’s Association advance research into prevention, treatments and a cure for Alzheimer’s. For the millions already affected by the disease, the Association offers care, education, support and resources in communities nationwide. You can donate by clicking on the green Vote Now button above.  I know that you have many options for your philanthropic dollars, and I am grateful for any level of support in our collective quest to conquer this disease.

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