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2021 Baltimore Memory Ball Dancing Stars


Jack Claunch: The Fusion of Finance and Dance

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When I was asked to dance in the 2020 Alzheimer's Memory Ball, I was thrilled and deeply honored.  This cause is very personal to me and my family.  Several members of my family have been stricken with severe dementia including my mother-in-law.  

I'm dancing in honor of my mother-in-law.

Dancing has brought a great deal of joy into my life. I now get to combine that with an effort to raise the all important funds to support the Alzheimer's Foundation.

I can't do that without your help. I'm committed to raising $25,000.00.

At this point I am in last place as far as fundraising goes.

I won't allow that to stay that way!

I will be posting videos to show my progress.

I want to win first prize in the dance competition.

I want to win the fundraising competition.

Please DONATE!.... any amount is welcome and appreciated.

My partner, Patty Simmons and I are:




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