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2021 Dancing Stars of Atlanta


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My name is Alex Valdivia I’m 39 years old, born in Havana Cuba. I’m the older of two brothers. I moved to the states at the age of 16, I grew up in Miami Florida along with my mother, father and little brother. I attended school in Miami… from high school to college, & I have an AS in culinary arts.  I’ve also been a professional animal trainer for 16 years... starting as a marine mammal trainer, years later transitioning into canines.  

13 years ago I started a dog training business, AV Dog Training… Atlanta’s #1 dog training company.  

About dancing:

My love for dancing comes from my birth place Havana, Cuba. Back when I was a kid, it was common to see people dancing daily all around the neighborhood, at school and at family parties. I guess when you are poor and don’t have much, music and dancing are like food to the soul and people took pride on displaying  their emotions through their dance...that stuck to me till this day. Dancing in my opinion are not a set of steps but an expression of the soul. 

Note: I’ve never taken a professional dancing lesson but I could hold my own ;) 

In my free time I run trails, climb mountains, and go on trekking trips, metal detecting, fishing and hunting. I also enjoy competing on any type of endurance races from ultra-marathons to obstacle course race .

I want to thank (Ken covers and Chip Cheatham ) for inspiring me to get involved and be a star dancer in this years event, they are both big champions of this novel cause.

please help us meet our goal and let's win this fight against Alzheimer's 

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