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2019 Dancing Stars of Atlanta


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 I am honored to be a STAR DANCER for the 2019 Dancing Stars of Atlanta. I am Dancing for my Grandmother Beatrice Neal who died of Alzheimer’s in 2003. I love her and miss my Granny dearly. I want to help find a cure to end this disease. I was born and raised in a small town known as Henderson Texas. I currently reside in Alpharetta Georgia moving here 16 years ago. I am currently the Group Fitness Manager for Life Time Johns Creek. I have over 20 plus years experience in the fitness industry. I am a certified Yoga Teacher, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. I was ranked the number one Group Fitness Instructor and Number one Group Fitness Department in the entire US and Canada for Life Time. You can find me teaching a variety of classes ranging from High Intensity Cardio to low impact and Yoga. You can also catch me teaching what I love which is Dance Fitness. I actually found my love for fitness through dance. Dancing has always been therapeutic for me. When I was young, My sister and I would always dance to music videos. I remember in high school I was voted best dancer. I knew dancing would always be part of me. I love the way dancing makes others feel. The smiles on their faces is priceless. Having a passion for dancing and seeing how it help builds communities, I decided to create and host a Dance event called X-men in 2015. Last year we had over 600 participants. The goal of this event has always been to bring the entire dance community of Atlanta along with awesome dance instructors together for a night of fitness, fun and love. 2019 will be my 5th year and I’m super excited.
I have a few inspirations for being a Star Dancer.
First I attended the 2018 Dancing Stars event and was blown away. My family back in Texas, My friends and Fitness Family are also my inspiration. My close connection and inspiration to Dancing Stars will be my grandmother, Beatrice Neal. We all called her “B”. My grandmother died of colon cancer and Alzheimer’s in 2003. The passing of my grandmother affected our family heavily. My grandmother was the one we always went to when there was nowhere else to go. I remember my grandmother would always take me to church with her. Her favorite song to sing was “This little light of mine”. I miss my grandmother, my whole family does. I know she is in a better place now.
I thank God for this opportunity to be a Star Dancer. It is an honor to help bring awareness to Alzheimer’s Disease. I know my family, friends and grandmother will be happy too.
Please help me raise money to END Alzheimer’s.

Thank you

Joshua Neal 

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