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Tribute for David Alan Samuels, Grammy Award Winner and Educator

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On April 22, 2019, Dave Samuels, passed away. David was diagnosed with Early On-Set Alzheimer's Disease in June 2013 after several years of mystifying symptoms and many appointments with physicians.

Dr. Christopher vanDyke, Yale University School of Medicine, Alzheimer's Disease Research Unity Director accepted David as a participant in the investigational trial of Solanezumab, a drug being developed for mild Alzheimer's disease. His first infusion of the double-blind study began Nobember 2013 and continued every 25 days until the study was pulled in November 2016, the 4th year of the 5 year study as the results were disappointinly ineffective.

In January 2017, David volunteered for another study, funded by the Department of Aging. This 5 year study was titled: Clinical Core of the Yale Alzheimer's Disease Research Center. All of his cognative tests, genetic data, infusion history from the 1st study will be included with the data gathered with this study. David agreed to donate his brain for this research project.

The Study referred David and his study partner, Janet Ross, to the SW regional Alzheimer's Association support group.

2X/month they met with a wonderful group of people. His group became the GAP team for the annual Alzheimer's walk.

In 2015, David was the concert opener at an Alzheimer's Benefit Concert, on the stage for the first time without his instruments.

The Association led to a referral to the TO WHOM I MAY CONCERN project. David was accepted as an "actor" in this educational program which scripts each of the 2 actor's personal stories. David spoke for 2 shows and in the third, actually played his instrument as he could no longer follow the script.

In 2016, at the continuum of care facility, an auditorium at the Watermark 3030 Park Avenue, David and his musical partner of 40+ years, David Friedman, Berlin, Germany, gave a glorius Alzheimer's benefit concert.

In 2017, although David was not able to participate musically, the Samuels' band, the Carabbean Jazz Project, gave an AA benefit concert.

David was very open about having AD and was always willing to share what he was feeling and thinking freely, candidly and he played.

All emails from the Alzheimer's Association and other matters are to be sent to

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