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The end of Alzheimer's disease starts here.

I will be running my second Chicago Marathon in honor of my Dad, who I said goodbye to for the last time this January. As many of you know, he was only 61 years young, which is legitimately scary for a disease that people associate with old age (including myself until about 8 years ago). This disease robbed him of what should have been some of the best years of his life. He will not be able to celebrate my 30th with me this year, see his grandkids grow up, or take that trip to Alaska (his 50th state left to visit). While it is too late for my Dad, I will continue my fund-raising efforts to raise as much money and awareness of this awful disease. Throughout the last few years, I have been fortunate to personally raise over $35,000 thanks in large part to very supportive family, friends, and co-workers, for the cause and it has been uplifting to see some of the progress made by researchers in starting to understand what might cause the disease. However, until there is a full understanding and cure, we cannot stop the fight. I can only hope that my efforts will help contribute to progressing the research for prevention and ultimately a cure so nobody else has to watch their Dad’s mind and life be slowly stolen from him. 

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