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Together we can...end Alzheimer's!
Together we can...end Alzheimer's!

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Together We Can consists of sisters and friends of South Carolina Alpha Delta Kappa. Our team photo consists of the 2016-2018 state logo.  This logo says it all! 

 For the Longest Day 2022 we are again organizing a team that stretches across the state. Our goal is to have each chapter of our organization participate, along with their collective friends and families, in our fight to end Alzheimer's.  The activities will be varied, but there will be one single focus--raising $15,000  or more while we do something we love on or around June 21, 2022--to honor, to remember, and to show our love for those struggling with this devastating disease.

Join our team and/or make a donation! TOGETHER WE CAN!

Together we can...end Alzheimer's!
Together we can...end Alzheimer's!

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The dollars you raise fuel the care, support and research efforts of the Alzheimer's Association.

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Thanks to Our Donors!
Christine Phillips
Christine- celebrating Alpha Delta Kappa Month
Cindy-- in loving memory of Arthur Bonus
The Ackermans in memory of Arthur Bonus

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