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Thank you for stopping by my walk page! While you're here, I'd love to tell you a little bit about who I am walking for... my Poppop.

He's my grandfather who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2018. We moved him to Tuscaloosa in 2020 during the pandemic after he suffered a fall that caused him to have a broken ankle. We didn't realize until we saw the state of his home when he was found on the ground how bad it had gotten. There were pills on the floor from dropping them and forgetting to take them, microwave dinners that were never eaten in the microwave, and dehydration so bad that they couldn't find a vein at the hospital. He lived alone in PA, and just by talking with him on the phone we had no way of knowing how much his Alzheimer's had progressed.

There's a reason I keep saying was even though my Poppop is still here. His battle with Alzheimer's has caused me to mourn him every single day because the Poppop I once knew is gone, along with a majority of the memories we had together.

I go visit him at least once a week. We still try to find him his favorite snacks even though he doesn't have teeth to eat them with, drinks he has always loved, and sports gear to try and trigger a glimmer of who he was... but my Poppop is gone. Every time we visit, no matter how long we stay, he forgets we were ever there 10 minutes after we've left. So why do we still visit when it's so hard on us and he doesn't remember? Aside from our love for him.... what's left of him is a person who needs help and deserves support, love, and care even he only remembers it for a moment.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read a glimpse of mine and my Poppop's story. Alzheimer's is truly so so tough on the loved ones of those who are affected, and if you ever need to vent or have someone listen to yours or your loved ones stories, I'm a phone call or a coffee date away.

Please consider making a donation, joining my walk team, or creating your own to raise money for this cause. Together, we can #EndAlz!

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Kailie Melchior
Tracie Manick
Linda/David Mattox
Huge Fan of Pop Pop.
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