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I hope you will find the time to join the Make Memories team to help fund more research for Alzheimer's.  My story is not unique compared to others, but each story has its own individual pains and memories that need to be shared.

This is NOT just a disease of memory loss or confusion.  There are many facets to this disease and memory can be a small part of this life changing illness. My number one fan Jay (my husband) was diagnosed at a time in our lives when life was at its best....we loved our home, friends and community. Jay was always rock solid in his beliefs and everyone that knew him could count on him to do what he said he would do at any specific time.  The person I know and love started to fade slowly in 2012 after only 7 yrs of marriage and was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's in 2014 which has continued to progress to where he has very little memory, very real cognitive issues and most of all the lack of verbal communication skills.   I look back and see that Alzheimer's had actually started back in 2011 with just small situations that were uncommon for him.  He still until this day does not accept the fact he has Alzheimer's which makes life very difficult..

I pray that each of you take the time to spend it with friends or family suffering from this disease,  because whether they remember you or can barely communicate YOUR face will  brighten their day and actually can leave you with something special....maybe a touch, a look, a word that lets you know they are still here. 

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