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State Fair of Texas 2019

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Our Story - Updated

In April 2015 after nearly 2 years of bouncing around from doctor to doctor and specialists across the board, we finally received a diagnosis for the memory and focus issues my wife had been experiencing for the past several years. The doctors at UT Southwestern determined that what she was experiencing was the beginnings of Alzheimer's. We were pretty floored at the diagnosis, primarily because we are so young (she was only 52). 

The diagnosis was a form of Alzheimer's now called "Younger-Onset" Alzheimer's and unfortunately, it does not qualify for many treatment trials because it does not follow the normal progression of the disease.

This disease continues to progress and day to day activities become more challenging for Becky. With the necessary increases in her medications to combat the symptoms and keep her functioning come side effects such as lots of headaches that also take a toll on her normally positive outlook. With this, bouts of depression have become more apparent. Even if a cure is not found soon, more effective treatment options could make a world of difference.

As we move forward and I am able to see the cruelty of this disease, we still remain hopeful that a cure can be found in time. We are one and the same in this fight and we will continue to reach out to all our friends and family to help us in this fundraising effort.

Please join our team and help to find better treatments and even a cure, and get a little exercise as well!

God Bless,

Dale and Rebecca


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