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Unite in a movement to reclaim the future for millions. Join our team,Ellas Wings, for the Alzheimer's Association Walk. We lost a wonderful woman,mother,grandmother and friend, to this disease and now we walk in honor of her. It (Alzheimers) took her life before she passed.She lost so much,the ability to live a normal life,the joys of her family and simply..just life in general..She couldn't speak complete sentences,or even remember which words to use. She would become embarrassed and refuse to speak. She lost her past and her present,with no hope of the future.It completely took over my Mother. I wish this disease on noone. Alzheimers is horrible and has no cure.This is why we walk to raise money and awareness so others may be helped.Please help and support us  in any way you can. Thank you all for reading our Moms story.

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