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Dad,Ed Creech at an annual February birthday party with his friends
Dad,Ed Creech at an annual February birthday party with his friends

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Alzheimer’s disease is relentless. So are we. Join our team for the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's®, the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research.

  Ed Creech was a WWII Veteran, a dynamic teacher that made history come alive,and an unbelievable storyteller. After retiring from teaching his life in his self built cabin,cattle ranching,and cruising in his old house boat on the St. John's River brought him great pleasure . He was a "do it yourself" kind of guy. As a real estate investor, a developer and thrifty saver he grew his fortune . But most important as dad,a grandad and a great grandad he loved and was loved by his family and all who crossed his path. 

He was a man of his word and tough love but you that knew he loved you and was on your side. His warm smile and personality had you at hello and his historical knowledge,colorful stories and tall tales would captivate and entertain you for hours. He was a people person, an independent thinker and a man's man. He also enjoyed playing pranks and making people laugh. He was one of those bigger than life , unforgettable personalities .He never knew a stranger and also helped many people in need.  Unfortunately this wonderful life gradually faded away as dad fell victim to Alzheimer's . Dad died a mere shadow of the person he once was. Fortunately he always maintained his warm smile and love of people until the end. We can all remember, it's not what you take with you it's what you leave behind in people's hearts and minds. Dad left us all with many wonderful memories and many great lessons of life.

 Until you personally watch this happen,it's difficult to understand or explain what it's like or how traumatic it really is for the person and the family around them . In the past few years I have discovered at least 3 friends who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's , a witty,talented photographer, actress, a shrewd businessman , shop owner, and a hardworking multi property investor. I know there are more. Alzheimer's is difficult to diagnose and recognise at first . Its very hard to accept,watch and believe when it's your contemporaries! But please visit them.Your smiling face and presence means so much . If there are no words to exchange, there is always music or a warm handshake or hug to share. There's always something! Don't abandon them . 

  Ladies, it's a woman's disease! 75 % of Alzheimer's patients are women and many times if you aren't diagnosed with Alzheimer's,you could be caretaker!  Gentlemen men of course are affected too ! Remember President Reagan, Glen Campbell,Gene Wilder,Norman Rockwell ! Step up to help make this something in our rear view window . You or someone in your life could be  stricken too. We need everyone's help! Family and friends,please donate your dollars to fight this insidious disease that robs our loved ones of their minds ,and their precious memories ! Remember ,every 67 seconds someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer's!     

 Alzheimer's is way behind in research dollars and we need your help! Please give what you can. Please join our Creech Creepers and Friends Volusia team and ask your friends to help.  Write your congressman. Join AIM Alzheimer's Impact Movement . Alzheimer's patients cost  5 times more to treat and if we don't slow it down it will break MEDICARE ! Pick your path and maximize your power where it counts and is the most effective ! Just please help !  


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2020 Walk to End Alzheimer's - Volusia, FL
Saturday, November 14, 2020

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