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Anna Jane "Jean" Haywood
Anna Jane "Jean" Haywood

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I have never forgotten the day mom turned to my dad and said, "Are we going to tell the kids about my memory problem?"  That was in my dining room and we had no idea what was coming after that day.  Mom was afraid.  We were ignorant.  Alzheimers eventually led to my parents having to sell their home as the agonizing decision would be made to leave that place we loved and place mom in a facility where she would be safe.  We will never forget the day the counselor in the hospital told us that mom had Dementia.  The room went silent.  Nobody talked.  Nobody could talk.  It was a diagnosis that was a gut punch.  And we hated it.  We were stunned.  "Not us.  This can't be happening to us."  That's what we were all thinking.  But that was our new reality.  And it explained all the weird behavior we had been experiencing and trying to make sense of.  All the phone calls from dad.  The trips to Little Rock to see what was going on for ourselves.  The eventual fading away of the mother we loved so much...

I'm new to the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's® because I hate this disease and never wanted to talk about it again.  But I was wrong.  It isn't going away.  It's getting worse.  We have to find a cure before this horrible monster shows up in any of our families and takes those we love away from us.

Please make a donation to my team for the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's®, the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds to fight Alzheimer's disease. I want to raise $5,000 to defeat Alzheimer's and I need your help to do it.  Any donation of any size helps!

And please join my team and join us for the walk on October 22nd, 2016 at the Guthrie Green in downtown Tulsa.  Together, we can advance research to treat and prevent Alzheimer's, and provide programs and support to improve the lives of millions of affected Americans.

Thank you!

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Our Walk
2019 Walk to End Alzheimer's - Tulsa, OK
Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019

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