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Jumbotron Tributes for the 2016 Walk to End Alzheimer's - Denver


Honor Your Loved One with an Online Tribute

The Promise Garden Tribute site enables us to honor friends and family who are living with Alzheimer's, those we've lost to the disease and caregivers.

Each $250 Promise Garden Tribute features the name of the honored individual along with the corresponding ALZ Promise Garden Flower and a brief personal statement (limit of two lines, 35 characters per line). Tributes will be posted for a full year on our Chapter website.

Funds raised from the Promise Garden Tribute support the Chapter's care and support services in Colorado, as well as educational programs delivered throughout the state. Donations also help our national efforts to find a prevention, treatment or cure for Alzheimer's. Your $250 donation is tax deductible.

For information on the Promise Garden Tributes, call Barb Abbey at (303) 813-1669.

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