200-Mile Challenge

Join us in March 2024 by riding 200-miles indoors or outdoors as a part of the Ride to End ALZ® series of events. This special challenge is specifically run through Facebook and it can be fun for riders of all skill levels and for those that want to fundraise without the pressure.

200-Mile Challenge Banner

Here is the link to register and join the 200-mile challenge group on Facebook. Claim your Alzheimer's Association® electronic bib when you create a 200-mile Challenge Facebook fundraiser and get your first donation! Print out your bib, add the name of the person you ride for, then SHARE a photo of you and your bib in the online community.

200-Mile Challenge Track Your Progress

After you activate your 200-mile challenge Facebook fundraiser, click the "Connect on Messenger" button to claim your electronic bib and access your activity tracker to log your Ride miles. Make this challenge your own and get involved at your own level of comfort. Complete your activity, starting March 1, whenever and wherever works best for you with a friend, team, or solo.


As you might have already heard, there are two other ways to participate in our series of events and to earn incentive prizes virtually (riding indoors or outdoors near you). Here are more about those two options: 

Ride to End ALZ Classic – The Classic event this year is set for the last weekend in August, but you can register for that event and choose ANY weekend to Ride from now until August, if you want. That weekend will be the main weekend of celebration with the Opening Ceremony on Friday night and you will have until the end of August to register, raise and earn great Ride to End ALZ prizes (including the 2024 jersey if you raise $500). There is a $20 registration donation this year for the Classic just to get started, but that goes towards your fundraising. The prizes will be sent out, as you qualify.

Ride to End ALZ Spokes Series – Like spokes on a bike, the Spokes Series events are connected to our main events, but it is all about you being able to customize your experience! You can choose the date or weekend that you want to Ride (available all year long for you and your friends) and then you can raise money just like you have in the past for our previous spring or Summer Challenge events. You register here on the main site and choose Spokes Series. The prizes will be sent out, as you qualify. The jersey for this event and the Classic is the same jersey, so choose one or the other and you can earn the entire Ride to End ALZ kit, if you keep fundraising!