2018 Advocacy Forum: June 17 - 19

DC Forum
Every year, the Alzheimer’s Association® organizes the Advocacy Forum, a 3-day event in Washington D.C in which advocates from all 50 states descend on our nation’s capital to directly engage members of Congress about the importance of making Alzheimer’s disease a national priority.

The first two days are focused on educating advocates about the Association’s current legislative priorities, and training attendees to effectively persuade members of Congress to support our mission. A variety of guest speakers share insights on a range of issues from the current state of medical research to updates on the political landscape and workshops on the most effective lobbying methods that will ensure representatives and senators listen to what you have to say. Celebrities also regularly attend to show their support for the incredible that work advocates do.

The Advocacy Forum is both extremely successful in moving legislators to support our agenda and a fantastic opportunity for advocates from all over the country to come together in solidarity, feel part of a movement bigger than any one person could create individually, and share ideas for achieving even greater success.

For more information please click here or contact Jennifer Belkov via email jbelkov@alz.org.