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In support of our mission, we provide free access to accurate, current, and comprehensive information to people with Alzheimer's disease, family members, caregivers and health professionals through the Emery Resource Library. Books, DVDs, and CDs are available on a variety of topics including brain health, symptom management, emotional health, family support, disease information, and more.


  • Check with your chapter to see if they offer a lending library - alz.org.  Put in  your zip code. 
  • Check out the National Virtual Library; the nation's oldest and foremost library and resource center devoted to increasing knowledge about Alzheimer's disease and other dementias.
  • Call 1-800-272.-3900 and speak to the care consultant who is part of a team who can provide you with more details and resources. 

How does the resource library work?

  • Our lending library is for those living in North Carolina who have Alzheimer's, their friends & families, and health professionals.  It is a free resource.
  • Up to two (2) items at a time may be checked out. Additional items listed on the order will need to be re-ordered upon the return of the first set of materials. 
  • All items are mailed based on availability. If the item(s) you requested is currently checked out by other members, we will keep you updated as they become available. If the item(s) is coming in shortly, we may hold your order so that we can ship it complete.
  • Items are loaned out for four (4) weeks. Please return items as soon as you are finished with them so others can enjoy them as well.
  • Each shipment will come with a postage-paid return envelope so items may be returned at no cost to you.

Alzheimer's Diary: A Wife's Journal

Alzheimer's Diary: A Wife's Journal

Alzheimer's Diary: A Wife's Journal
Book by Michelle Montgomery

This diary shows what Alzheimer's is like from the other side, the eyes and heart of a wife who is no longer only a wife but a caregiver.  It is not an easy story.  That's how Alzheimer's is.  Deep down you know this--you have felt the loss, frustration, anger, fatigue, and sorrow.  You know what it's like when there doesn't seem to be an end in sight, each day like the last, only worst.  But you don't have words for your feelings; you don't know what to do with the memories.  So you lie sleepless in the dark, wondering about tomorrow's heartbreak.  This book is for you.  Each night after putting her husband who has Alzheimer's to bed, the author writes in her diary about her love, her passion, her anger, her memories, and her loss.  

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