California Advocacy Day 2023

8:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Sutter Club, Sacramento California
1220 9th St
Sacramento, CA 95814

Encourage Your Legislators to #ACT4ALZ

Join us at the State Capitol for our first in-person California Alzheimer’s Advocacy Day since 2020! Join 200 volunteer advocates from across the state as we gather in Sacramento to raise our voices and shine a light on Alzheimer's and other dementia. We’ll train you to meet with legislators to share your stories and support critical legislation and funding. Our priorities this year include creating a tax credit to help with caregiving costs, training first responders and peace officers to engage effectively with individuals suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s, and expanding access to cognitive screenings and early diagnosis.

You’ll spend the morning learning about these issues from our policy staff, and hear from legislators and advocates who have turned their personal challenges with Alzheimer’s and other dementia into positive change for all Californians.

Over lunch, you’ll meet with an experienced team leader and other advocates from your area to plan and practice for your meetings with legislators. Then you and your team will head to the Capitol to meet with 1 or more state legislators or their staff. 

Why is it important to share your story with legislators?

Every person who joins State Advocacy Day has a unique and compelling story to tell. State Advocacy Day is an opportunity to meet other people in your community who are passionate about finding a cure to Alzheimer’s, to learn how to effectively use your unique voice and experience, and to engage with the policymakers that are able to pass laws that will help us achieve our shared goals.

Steven Barbieri, who is living with younger-onset dementia and his wife, Tracy, talk about the power of sharing your story and asking legislators about their connections to Alzheimer’s. They also discuss the power of early diagnosis and educating people to reduce the stigma.

Worried that you don’t know enough to be an advocate? Gwen Gates talks about how much training is provided to our advocates, to help them feel prepared.

Your personal experience is the most powerful advocacy tool we have to shed light on the growing impact Alzheimer’s and related diseases have on California. Together, we will honor the memory of those we’ve lost and support those currently living with the disease in our fight to make California a more dementia-capable state.

Registration Closes: Friday, April 7, 2023 at 5 pm
Registration Fee: $50* (Includes Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Hospitality suite and materials)

Tentative Agenda
Training - Both of these trainings are required, but will be recorded if you can’t watch them live. You will not need to have your video camera on for this meeting.

  • April 26 at 6  pm - Logistics Webinar - Learn what's expected of participants, how much walking is involved, how to get there, and how to apply for financial aid if needed.
  • May 1 at 6 pm - Legislative Priorities Webinar - Learn what we're asking legislators to do -- we will not go into detail on this on Advocacy Day

State Advocacy Day Program (Includes Inspiring Speakers, Tips for an Effective Leg Visit, and more...)