Speaker Registration- Fall 2021 Alzheimer's Association Research Roundtable

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Park Hyatt Hotel Washington, D.C.
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Research Roundtable

Alzheimer's Disease (AD) staging criteria lack standardized, empirical descriptions.  Well-defined AD staging critiera are an important consideration in protocol design, influencing a more standardized inclusion/exclusion criteria and defining what constitutes meaningful differentation between the stages.  However, many trials are being designed on the basic of biomarker features and the two need to be coordinated.

The 2021 biannual Research Roundtable meetings feature a two-part structure.  The Spring 2021 Research Roundtable meeting (held on April 27-28, 2021) focused on operationalizing staging criteria for preclinical AD, and the fall 2021 Research Roundtable meeting will build on the discussion by taking a closer look at staging criteria for later symptomatic stages and recent clinical trials results. 

The objective of the Fall 2021 meeting is to address the following questions in the context of later clincial stages of AD: If we can change amyloid, does this have a clincial impact?  How will enrollment in clinical trials be affected with an approved treatment?  What is the role of clinical measures as more biomarkers are validated for clinical use?  Are we ready for a single biomarker that may prove a reliable surrogate for multiple biomarkers, and help define patients' staging criteria via their biomarkers profile?  How do results from recent AD clinical trials inform selection criteria and what might be the best outcome measure(s) for longitudinal data?  How might the 2018 NIA- AA ATN Research Framework be integrated with AD staging criteria, especially in the later stages?  What would be the impact of creating a global standard of AD staging criteria?  How do we operationalize cross-sectional biomarker measurements for use in clinical assessment?  

This meeting will address these issues with a broad variety of leaders in the field and will include leadership from the AARR membership, academic researchers, the NIH, FDA, as well as leaders from regulatory and payer agencies.  

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control is recommending wearing masks for vaccinated and unvaccinated people in all indoor areas The AA will be requiring all Research Roundtable attendees to adhere to this mask guidance while attending Research Roundtable events.

For your convenience, masks will be available at the registration desk. Thank you for your cooperation.

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