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Act Now - NAPAAdditional resources are sorely needed in order to accelerate the development of breakthrough treatments that would prevent, halt, or reverse the course of Alzheimer’s, help the increasing number of families living with Alzheimer’s and address Alzheimer’s steadily mounting impact on our healthcare system and economy. However, funding depends on Congressional action.

Please let your member of Congress know how critical it is to have a smart and strategic National Alzheimer’s Plan backed by the commitment to end Alzheimer’s disease. As always, this letter will be much more powerful if you explain why a federal commitment to Alzheimer’s matters to you and your family.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

As an Alzheimer's Association advocate, I am writing to request that you support a smart and strategic National Alzheimer's Plan, as called for by Congress in the National Alzheimer's Project Act (P.L. 111-375). The recently released National Alzheimer's Plan must accelerate and prioritize the government's efforts on Alzheimer's disease and we must commit the resources necessary for this plan to change the trajectory of the disease.

As an Alzheimer's advocate, I ask that you support an effective National Alzheimer's Plan, which accelerates and prioritizes the government's efforts on Alzheimer's disease and commits the resources necessary to change the trajectory of the disease. I respectfully request that you provide additional resources for Alzheimer's research, education, outreach, and support activities. Alzheimer's is a crisis that is simply too big to ignore. It remains the only leading cause of death in the country without a means to prevent, stop or even slow its progression, and its growth has profound implications for our nation's fiscal future. Alzheimer's can't wait.

Thank you again for your support for Alzheimer's issues.

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