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Support SB68 and Kansas Caregivers!

Dear [Decision Maker],

The CARE Act has recently passed out of the Senate Public Health committee and will soon be voted on in the State Senate.

The CARE Act provides a simple way to support Kansas caregivers when their loved one is hospitalized.

It gives a hospital patient the opportunity to designate a caregiver whose name is recorded in the patient's hospital record. The hospital then notifies the caregiver when the patient is to be discharged or transferred to another facility. When the patient is discharge, the hospital provides the caregiver with an explanation or instruction of any medical or nursing tasks tha tneed to be performed as part of the patient's home care.

We strongly support this bill, which was initially championed by the AARP. 35 state across the US have similar legislation! We hope you will join with the over 600,000 caregivers in Kansas and vote in favor of this bill.

Thank you so much for all the work you do.

Kind Regards,
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