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Fund $2.5 million for Alzheimer's Early Detection and Diagnosis

Dear [Decision Maker],

As an Alzheimer's advocate, I want you to know that 55% of the 610,000 Californians affected by Alzheimer's disease have NEVER been told of their diagnosis by their doctor. Without a diagnosis, these older adults can't benefit from medical treatment, social services, community supports, advance care planning or clinical trials.

If we want to slow the rate of Medi-Cal growth (this year it's $3.3 billion for this population and it's projected to grow 59% by 2025), we need to invest NOW in early detection and diagnosis. Data indicates that uninformed patients are admitted to the hospital at twice the rate of patients with a documented diagnosis.

I urge you to give this one-time funding request your full support. Let's strengthen our CA Alzheimer's Disease Centers at UCSF, UC Davis, Stanford, UCLA, USC, UC Irvine and UC San Diego. These statewide centers of excellence have the expertise to educate California physicians on a topic many doctors admit they don't understand: Alzheimer's detection and diagnosis.

Thank you for your favorable consideration of this request.

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