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In Memoriam: David Dekker

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David Dekker, in the words of his son, Thomas:

I have not spoken of it in public til now, but as you have always been my greatest of supporters and friends, I wanted you to be the first to hear. You may or may not know that I have spoken on multiple occasions of my greatest mentor, friend, idol, brother and father with glowing remarks and insatiable pride. The man that was David Dekker, my biggest inspiration and love in life, passed away on September 16.

As he suffered from Alzheimer's disease for the past ten years, his passing is both a joyful release of freedom for his all too electric spirit, and a tragic, horrific crush to my heart. But in this time of grief, I have witnessed the epiphany of life and death. I believe now, that nothing stops and nothing dies. He believed the same. There are those among us, in every person's life, even if we are unaware, that exist as a part of us. A part of our heart, mind, values and body. And I feel nothing but honor and privelage to have been molded by this eccentric, open minded, artistic, endlessly talented and wonderful man. I wish you all could have known him. I wish everyone could have known him for that matter. He truly, and I can say this with utmost certainty and gratitude, was the only person in my life who never once, not even slightly hurt me. He was a stroke of genius and an embrace of kindness all the way to the end.

I am still so greatful for the generous donation the Dekker Daily community made to the Alzheimer's foundation and research. I can't think, especially in retrosepct, of a more personally touching or thoughtful gift from such wonderful whacky people, most of whom I have never even had the pleasure of meeting.

The link below leads to an article that was in a Las Vegas paper, where my father lived and passed. Hopefully, it can shine a little more light than I can compose here, on the man who made me produce any of the work I have taken part in that you have enjoyed.

All my love and embraces to each and everyone of you.

David's Son

Dekker Daily Annual Alzheimer's Fundraiser for Thomas's birthday

Each year for the past 3 years, we at Dekker Daily have hosted this fundraiser for Thomas's birthday in honor of his father, David Dekker, who has suffered from Alzheimer's.

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